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West Des Moines, IA (April 30, 2014) – Hubbell Realty Company and Iowa State University’s (ISU) Department of Landscape Architecture are partnering to provide students with an enhanced learning experience through a unique, hands-on conservation community program. The program will launch with a Prairie Walk on Saturday, May 3, 2014 at 8:00 a.m.

Through its land development and residential community management divisions, Hubbell Realty Company develops, manages and maintains multiple conservation communities in the Des Moines metro. Prairies within these communities are planted with native flowers and grasses, providing improved stormwater conveyance, distribution of the water flow and natural filtration of pollutants. With the increased focus on conservation trends, Hubbell saw an opportunity to bring together key leaders and expert academic professionals to benefit students from ISU’s Department of Landscape Architecture. All parties have a vested interest in finding solutions to ecological challenges, the efficient use of natural resources and the sustainability of native Iowa prairie.

In this team effort, ISU undergraduate and graduate students will participate in a real life case study. Under the guidance and supervision of professors, students will apply their classroom knowledge, while expressing their own creativity and innovation, to develop short- and long-term maintenance and management plans for Hubbell’s conservation communities. They will then assist with implementation.

At the Prairie Walk, Hubbell and ISU will perform an initial survey of the existing prairie conditions and ecosystems including plants, animals, insects and soil. Discussions will explore the history of each community, assess prairie health and wellness, analyze overall findings and determine future sustainable strategies. The Prairie Walk will tour various Hubbell conservation communities including Glynn Village in Waukee, Meadowlark South in Grimes, Crosshaven in Johnston, Tuscany in Altoona and Danamere Farms in Carlisle.

For more information on this program or if you are interested in attending the Prairie Walk, please call 515-280-2065 or email

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