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West Des Moines, IA (May 24, 2016) – Hubbell Realty Company is pleased to announce its recognition as a Blue Zones Designated Worksite. The company, employing nearly 250 people from across the metro and Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is recognized for providing a wellness program for their associates that supports healthy lifestyles by making permanent changes to the environment, company policies, and social networks.

Blue Zones WorkplaceBlue Zones Worksite“The Blue Zones Project began with the question, ‘How do the healthiest, longest-living individuals optimize their well-being?’” stated Rick Tollakson, CEO and President of Hubbell Realty Company. “Today, we are able to apply what was learned from the Blue Zones Project to improve the health and well-being of all our associates.”

The rigorous designation process begins with gaining associate involvement. At Hubbell Realty Company, over 27 percent of associates have completed a wellness-related pledge, such as joining a walking group or changing an eating habit.

“We commend the work that Hubbell has done,” said Laura Jackson, Executive Vice President at Wellmark. “Hubbell is one of less than a dozen worksites in the Des Moines metro area that has done the important work needed to become Blue Zones Designated. This designation requires engagement of employees and changes to the environment to make the healthy choice the easy choice.”

Another requirement is for a company to earn a minimum of 72 points in the areas of leadership, purpose, environment, social health, policies, and well-being that promote healthy lifestyle changes. Several benefits Hubbell has offered to satisfy these requirements include providing workstations with flexibility for sitting or standing, reimbursement for fitness memberships and wellness-related activities, and on-site nutrition and wellness coaching.

“Healthy lifestyles are an ongoing work in progress,” Tollakson added. “It isn’t something you can check off the list, and showing our associates how to make it part of their daily practices is why we have made it a major focus at Hubbell.”

Hubbell Realty Company, a leader in real estate solutions in Central Iowa, is now leading the way for residents in their communities to live healthier, happier lives.

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