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Hubbell & Bell Brothers Demonstrate Ways to Save Money
in Face of Rising Natural Gas Costs

WAUKEE, Iowa (August 9, 2006) – Hubbell Realty Company and Bell Brothers Heating and Air Conditioning today hosted a geothermal demonstration field day at Hubbell’s Glynn Village conservation community in Waukee for area realtors, builders, and residents. The demonstration highlighted how geothermal is installed as well as other energy saving techniques incorporated into all Hubbell Homes. With the cost of natural gas expected to increase again this winter, Hubbell is now installing geothermal heating and cooling units in homes as an added feature for buyers across the metro. All Hubbell Homes at Glynn Village in Waukee will have this option, saving buyers an average of $100 - $200 per month on heating and cooling bills. Geothermal systems use a loop of high-density polyethylene water pipe placed under ground, where almost 50 percent of all solar energy is absorbed and a temperature between 50 – 70 degrees is maintained. Water and an anti-freezing agent are circulated through these underground pipes to absorb and expel heat, depending on the season. In winter, the system absorbs heat from the earth and converts it to warm air for heating the home. In summer, the system reverses itself, gathering heat from the home and expelling it into the cooler earth. Typically, a geothermal heating and cooling system requires half the natural gas or half the coal for electricity normally used. “On average, a geothermal system will save you up to 60 percent over a typical gas system,” states Chuck Gassman, vice president and general manager of Bell Brothers Heating and Air Conditioning. “It’s about four times more efficient to move heat than to make heat, making this an instant saver for homebuyers.” Hubbell has been incorporating geothermal in homes since 2004. “Hubbell Homes has long exceeded the EnergySTAR’s five star standard and has made geothermal available in our townhomes,” Rick Tollakson, CEO and President of Hubbell Realty Company. “For us, making the geothermal option more readily available to homebuyers on a community-wide basis was an easy decision. The bottom line is, it saves our customers money every month they live in a Hubbell Home.” For more information on geothermal heating and cooling as well as other energy saving techniques in homebuilding, visit our websites at or

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