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West Des Moines, IA (September 9, 2013) – The two 7,500+ square foot cabins Hubbell Realty Company is building at Easter Seals Iowa’s Camp Sunnyside next week include a much needed amenity – secure storm shelters.

The former cabins at Camp Sunnyside did not provide a safe place to seek shelter during severe storms.  During threatening weather, clients and staff had to make their way across camp to another building containing an adequate shelter.  “Many of our campers use walkers and wheelchairs, so getting everyone to the other side of camp is not easy, especially during a storm,” stated Easter Seals Iowa President and CEO, Sherri Nielsen. 

The new storm shelters’ walls are built inside the cabin structure and the space doubles as the restrooms, laundry room, staff sleeping corridors and changing rooms.  Each shelter totals 2,560 square feet with a capacity to hold 22 counselors and 45 clients, allowing adequate space for ambulatory equipment, during severe weather. “These shelters will give campers and staff alike a sense of security the old cabins didn’t provide,” added Nielsen. “With unpredictable Iowa weather, we will now have a safe and accessible place to get our campers to within moments of being alerted of an approaching storm.”


Due to the nature of the materials used to construct the storm shelters, the structures needed to be built prior to the “extreme” build that kicks-off on Monday, September 16. “The storm shelter is made from poured concrete walls with a precast deck.  It takes one week for the walls to be poured and cured before the precast can be set and grouted in place,” said Hubbell Realty Company President and CEO, Rick Tollakson. “First and foremost, the safety of the campers is our number one priority, so this piece needed to be completed prior to the build to ensure it met our high standards of quality.” 

About Cabins for Campers 24/7
Easter Seals Iowa and Hubbell Realty Company are preparing for Cabins for Campers 24/7, a week-long event where Hubbell, along with trade partners and volunteers, will work around the clock to build new, accessible cabins at Camp Sunnyside, complete with shower facilities, laundry and storm shelters.  The cabins at Camp Sunnyside were built by volunteers in the 1960s and have been used for year-round programming for over 50 years.    The build will be kicked-off on Monday, September 16 at 9:00 am with a march to the build site and an opening ceremony.

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