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Hubbell Realty Company joins Energize Des Moines program

Des Moines, Iowa (November, 30 2017) – Hubbell Realty Company is proud to partner in Energize Des Moines, a voluntary program aimed at tracking commercial, residential and industrial buildings energy intake. Over the next 13 months, Hubbell intends to add multiple office, apartment, flex & mix-use buildings into the program such as the Hub Tower and Rocket Transfer apartment communities. Being energy efficient is a social obligation to our tenants, residents, shareholders, clients and community.

“Our goal is to be an industry leader in sustainable solutions, and we understand we must start from the ground up, by reducing water waste and implementing energy-reducing practices,” said John Bergman, Vice President of Real Estate Management at Hubbell Realty Company.

Hubbell understands small changes can lead to big impacts. For example, one leaking toilet can waste 30 gallons of water daily. Should you multiply that by the number of toilets in one facility, the answer can be devastating. Hubbell also notes by simply implementing no or low-cost energy conservation measures may mean long-term savings.

The Energize Des Moines challenge is an exciting opportunity for properties and businesses to compete to be the “best” in energy efficiency.

About Hubbell Realty Company

Hubbell Realty Company is a leading commercial and residential developer and commercial property management firm. Headquartered in West Des Moines, Iowa, Hubbell Realty Company has 33 residential communities and 12 business parks. Always breaking new ground, Hubbell Realty Company has been a catalyst for growth in Greater Des Moines and can trace it presence in Iowa back to 1856.

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