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Hubbell is one of the largest commercial real estate management firms in central Iowa. We provide comprehensive real estate services to individual owners, developers, and investors in real estate.

We have a record of maintaining our clients’ trust through diligent tenant relations, financial reporting, budgeting, capital planning, preventive and reactive maintenance and repairs, vendor management, and property accounting. Our goal is to meet your goals by achieving those objectives that match up with your ownership objectives. 

With Hubbell Property Management on your team, you will benefit from our work ethic and integrity. We approach each assignment with the goal of developing solutions for your real estate investment that will build long-term relationships.


Dedicated to Providing Quality Services



We analyze the business environment for your property and, within that environment, set up a management strategy on how to achieve your business objectives. The strategy will include recommendations, investment requirements and a detailed timeline.



We are experienced in the financial reporting required by institutions as well as private investors. We primarily use Timberline as our database.



We will develop and monitor an operating budget that includes everything from maintenance to marketing, personnel to operations. In addition, we look forward and project capital planning to enable you to forecast future cash needs for major replacements.



We recognize that for investment real estate collecting rent is our highest priority in day-to-day property management activities and we do that with the utmost respect for your business and tenants.



We understand that it is significantly more cost effective to retain an existing tenant than to find a new one and seek to find good tenants and keep them.



Hubbell Property Management will develop, implement, and provide monthly maintenance cost monitoring and any preventative maintenance programs. Our full-time repair and maintenance staff are available to respond to work requests at all hours. We cross train and equip our maintenance staff with the information and tools they need to respond to after-hours emergencies 24/7.



Hubbell Property Management maintains a centralized service center to give tenants a single point of contact for service requests. Service requests can be initiated by telephone, e-mail or through a service request portal on the Hubbell Realty web site. This allows us to be proactive on repetitive issues and provide efficient service, thereby reducing operating expenses.



Teaming with Hubbell Construction Services, Hubbell Property Management has developed systems and procedures to control costs and maintain the quality of construction activities effectively. We can handle tenant improvements and building renovations from design to completion and have LEED® Accredited Professionals on staff.



Our maintenance staff carries the necessary licenses and permits to allow them to perform the various duties they are assigned and verifies their competency in those disciplines.



Hubbell Property Management can provide an analysis of competitive market rents, demographic trends, and anticipated absorption levels. Our access to Iowa’s leading commercial broker, CBRE / Hubbell Commercial, gives us access to powerful market knowledge. This affiliation also gives us access to the combined market knowledge of the world’s largest commercial brokerage.


Unparalleled Experience and Expertise

As central Iowa’s leading full-service real estate management firm, our goal is to provide more and better service than is asked of us no matter the task.

Our local team of real estate experts manages approximately 5 million square feet of multi-family, medical, office, flex, retail, and industrial space throughout central Iowa and Sioux Falls, South Dakota. In addition, we provide services for over 50 residential common interest associations (HOAs) and 10 commercial common interest associations (OAs). This blend of experience in every facet of real estate management gives us an unparalleled knowledge of every facet of the business.

Our team is not only dedicated to your property, but to your company. Due to our vast knowledge and experience, we are able to recognize hidden opportunities which allow your property to reach its highest value and best use. This allows us to contribute directly to the strategic goals of your company.

Hubbell Property Management is actively involved in IREM, BOMA, Des Moines Community Alliance, Des Moines Skywalk Association, and holds memberships in thirteen local chambers of commerce.


Quick Answers to Your Important Questions

Where do I send my service requests?
There are three methods you can use to enter a service request:

• Submit a Request Online
: Submit Here  (Requires Login)
• Email the We Care Team: wecaremgmt@HubbellRealty.com
• Call:

Please include:
• Building address
• Suite number
• Telephone number with point of contact
• The specific service request
What do I do if I have an after-hours service request?

Please call 515-280-2014 if it is an emergency situation. Calls are answered 24/7 and emergencies are responded to immediately.  Be prepared to provide:

• Building address
• Suite number
• Telephone number with point of contact
• The specific service request

Service request after hours that are not emergencies are best delivered through an e-mail to servicemanager@hubbellrealty.com or through the service request portal.

Who do I call with general questions about my lease?

Please call or email your property manager. If you are unsure of who your property manager is, please call the We Care Team at 515-280-2014 and we can direct you.

Who do I talk to about my Common Area Maintenance Reconciliation/Projection?

Every tenant should have contact with their assigned property manager on any questions relating to their commercial space.

Who do I speak to about renewing my lease in our current space or expanding?

Please contact JR Textor, Commercial Leasing Manager/Property Manager, at 515-280-2072 or JR.Textor@HubbellRealty.com

Who do I contact to discuss my account balance, including statements, 10-Days, etc.?

Please call or email your property manager. If you are unsure of who your property manager is, please call 515-280-2014 and we can direct you.

When is rent due?

For the most part, rent is due on or before the first of each month.  As each lease can be negotiated there may be differences.  In every case, your lease details all the terms of the agreement. 


Committed to the Highest Standards of Integrity

John Bergman

Vice President, Real Estate Management

Cheryl Moore

Director, Property Manager

Kate Hightshoe

Director, Community Management

Alex Broderick

Senior Property Manager

JR Textor

Commercial Leasing Manager/Property Manager

Theotto Lillard

Property Manager

Suzanne Clement

Property Manager

Kate Sandy

Assistant Property Manager

Crystal Ealy

Property Management Coordinator

Ed Mahlstadt

Maintenance Supervisor

Kristy Hess

Lease Administrator

Sara Garcia

Administrative Assistant

Nolan Benzing

Landscape Designer

Kimber Davis

Customer Care Coordinator

Tracey Mitchell

Customer Care Coordinator

Service Request

Providing Award-Winning Customer Service

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