on Feb 21, 2019 9:30:35 AM

How to use your community fitness center

Creativity and motivation are two words that come to mind when exploring the thought of exercise or working out. A great sweat session or heart-pumping workout doesn't have to be accomplished in a massive gym facility with high-tech machines or with a professional personal trainer. Your calorie-burning mania can be completed in the comfort of your small, but perfectly satisfying, apartment fitness center. After all, knowing why exactly you’re busting your butt through those crazy-hard workouts will help to keep you pushing forward. 

This apartment gym exercise session was all about full body and determination!

Starting with jumping on the treadmill to warm the body up and get the heart pumping. The warm-up is essential: waking up all parts and feeling the blood rush from your head through your hands to your feet. You should be feeling on top of the world after that quick warm-up and pumped as you move into the heart of the workout. 

Using a creative mind and putting the body weight, dumbbell, and medicine ball exercises to the test will get you started. The four exercises are:

  • Medicine ball twists
  • Burpees
  • One-arm dumbbell rows
  • Leg extensions  

Do 3 sets of each movement with 12 reps in each set. That will get your sweat going! 


Don't forget the most important aspect of each and every workout is stretching. Using a foam roller to roll out and stretch the hard-worked muscles is needed to rejuvenate the body and keep it from becoming sore.

Stand up and shake it out because you just completed a calorie burning, full-body workout all without leaving your own community! A majority of Hubbell Apartments have 24-hour fitness centers furnished with free weights, medicine balls, multiple machines, ellipticals or treadmills and stretching mats and materials.

To see some of our apartment locations with on-site gyms, visit Hubbell Apartment Living!