on Sep 13, 2019 3:51:15 PM

How to Reorganize your closet

We all want a large, beautiful walk-in closet worthy of a twirl and a squeal (see inspiration). The shoes would be stacked to the ceiling, which would be adorned by a glittering chandelier. The center island would hold jewelry while a fluffy chair waits for you in the corner. The clothes would be perfectly coordinated by color. Each organizational bin would be labeled and stitched with zigzags, stripes or polka dots. Chanel would fill the air.

Snap out of it. Let’s get back to reality.

Most closets could use a facelift and reorganization. The first step before you buy any new clothing; get rid of the clothes or shoes you no longer wear. The ugly Christmas sweater your grandma gave you is taking up much-needed space. The heels that give you blisters need to go, too. (If it pains you that much, turn your favorite old T-shirts into a keepsake blanket or turn old jeans into “new” jean shorts). There are plenty of people who would appreciate the clothes you don’t want. Donating unwanted clothes and shoes is always a good option.

Here are some basic steps that will help your closet feel more organized and look it too:

1. Invest in a shoe rack.

Whether it’s in an entryway closet or in a bedroom, shoes are one of the easiest items to scatter around. Depending on the closet, shoe racks can hang off the back of a door, fill up a wall or lay low with just a few rows.

2. Get matching hangers and enough of them.

Running out of hangers leads to folding which leads to unnecessary stacks of clothes.

3. Bins and baskets 

They're not only practical; they can give your closet a theme. Bins can hold folded jeans, hats, winter gear, bathing suits – you name it. 

4. Have a laundry basket (and use it).

The quickest way to have a messy pile of clothes is to not have a place to put dirty pieces. Retailers always have a wide variety sure to match any bedroom theme.

Many of Hubbell Apartment Living's communities come with spacious closets and plenty of room for these suggestions. Be sure to check out the closets at the community you want to call home!