on Sep 28, 2020 2:52:52 PM

What Does a Good Property Management Company Look Like?

How your real estate property is managed can make an enormous difference in its value and the return you can expect on your investment. Consequently, your choice in property managers is vital to your bottom line. How do you know whether a property management company will take expert care of your assets? For starters, take a look at their experience and credentials.

What experience should I look for? 

First, a trustworthy property management company has specific experience in managing real estate as an investment. You want a company that is well-grounded in managing real estate finances, leasing, repair, staffing, and operations as well as managing relationships with vendors, tenants, and the larger community.

It’s helpful to find a management company that has experience with the types of property that you own as well as your ownership structure. This ensures that the manager will have an understanding of issues that are specific to your assets and ownership arrangements as well as markets that your property serves.

What credentials are important?

Credentials also give you valuable information about a property manager’s experience, expertise, and detailed understanding of the industry. Property managers must meet various state licensing requirements. A Certified Property Manager® (CPM) credential, awarded by the Institute of Real Estate Management® (IREM), is among the most highly respected in the industry. Earned through classroom study, testing, and verified experience, a CPM credential indicates expertise and integrity.

Hubbell Realty Company  has been in the business of owning and managing real estate for more than 160 years. We have broad experience in property management, encompassing an expansive range of property types, ownership structures, challenges, and solutions, and all of our senior property managers have earned CPM designations. Recognizing Hubbell’s leadership in the field, Iowa courts have called upon our organization to act as receiver or referee for properties under their jurisdiction. As a longstanding Iowa company that not only manages real estate but also develops, constructs, and owns properties for commercial and residential use, we bring the strength of our entire organization to each professional relationship.

Would you like to discuss how Hubbell can help you get the most out of your real property in the Des Moines metro? Learn more about Hubbell Realty Company's property management services here.