on Oct 07, 2021 4:41:02 PM

How Indigo Living has navigated through COVID-19

How Indigo Living has navigated through the unusual times of COVID-19

The continued effects of COVID-19 effect many aspects of life, and our team at Indigo Living has made several changes to increase the comfortability of our residents, while still allowing tours of our communities. We chatted with several of our leasing consultants from Cityville on 9th and LINC @ Gray’s Station to hear what changes they have made to navigate through COVID-19 and how the new changes have been received by the residents who call our communities home.

Senior Property Manager, Christopher Brown:

“There are new contactless tour options available at our Cityville on 9th location. The new tour options include contactless self-guided tours, where prospective tenants can check out a key and tour an apartment home themselves. We also offer virtual tours, both prerecorded and live, scheduled Facebook live tours, and 3D virtual tours available online for every floorplan through a partnership with Matterport Virtual Tours.” Feel free to check out an example of these tours by clicking the link HERE.

John Schmidt our Senior Leasing Consultant at LINC:

“At LINC apartments, we have similar options, with Facetime and Facebook messenger tours, self-guided, and in-person tours. These changes also came with unforeseen opportunities, with all the virtual tours available, prospects from out of state can receive tours without making the trip to Des Moines.”

At both communities and all of our communities at Indigo Living, in-person tours became available a few months later with a mandatory mask requirement. When asked whether there was any pushback from the residents, both Schmidt and Brown said that the response has been an overwhelmingly positive one.

Christopher Brown:

“With the prospective residents seldom forgetting a mask and being more than willing to wear the provided mask, we rarely heard a complaint about masks on tours. The tours were accompanied with extra sanitization measures, including hand sanitizer and increased sanitization of the tour locations (at least twice per day). There was a limit of two people per tour and plastic barriers between staff and clients at all the leasing offices.”

Other changes at our communities that were put in place included closures of amenity spaces. These spaces pre-COVID would be where people would hang out in large groups, and we wanted to make sure we closed these amenity spaces to follow the social distancing that was happening across the country. Later as vaccines and other measures we’re put in place nationwide, we began opening amenity spaces again and limited the number of members that could be in the clubhouse or gym at one given time.


“For every complaint, we received 2-3 praise comments on the work we were doing to keep downtown’s largest communities safe. And the demographic was largely understanding and in agreeance.”

With the ever-changing status of COVID-19 in both the Des Moines area and in the world, Indigo Living’s communities are staying informed and adaptable while ensuring that the measures taken are necessary and effective. Keeping the public areas clean and all the measures being taken on tours, are just some of the ever-shifting measures that are constantly updated and revaluated by the leasing teams and Indigo Living as a whole. Currently, we encourage mask wearing for our prospective leasers and we continue sanitation policies. All the virtual tour options are still available so you can check out the floor plans from bed!