Craft Bru coming to LINC at Gray's Station

Craft Bru, a 60-handle craft beer taproom, will open in May 2021 within LINC at Gray’s Station.

Owner and craft beer enthusiast, Dennis Dix, announced the opening just after the new year. Dix, a Vermont native with longstanding ties to the local community, will curate the shareable food and brew menus that feature new and unique beers from craft breweries throughout the Midwest. Craft Bru will also be the first taproom to use the contactless Pour Operating System and Pour Choices mobile app, allowing visitors to order, log, rate and pay all from their phones.

“There is a tremendous amount of incredibly good craft beer being brewed in the Midwest, which made it an easy choice for building Craft Bru in Des Moines,” said Dix. “It’s not always easy for beer lovers to get to enjoy many of these remote breweries, so we’re bringing the breweries to them.”

Once a visitor establishes their favorite brews and “flavor profile” on the app, they will receive recommendations on new beers on tap to try and experience. Dix added the taproom will have a warm, modern vibe and feature custom wall murals from local artists.

“In addition to the Iowa breweries we’re excited to feature, we will also focus on bringing a lot of beer from outside the state. Guests can expect frequent “tap take-overs” highlighting these breweries, along with constantly changing and seasonal beer menus,” said Dix.

“The use of an app for drink and food menus has exacerbated since the beginning of COVID-19 and Craft Bru is taking that to another level with the ability to enjoy their space without ever leaving your seat,” said Grant Wright, Sales Associate with CBRE | Hubbell Commercial. “Dennis and his team have worked with a local design firm to ensure that social distancing and contactless interactions remain a top priority from inside to the heated patio outside.”

Craft Bru will be located in the LINC at Gray’s Station and is planning to open on Memorial Day weekend. This is in addition to Mad Meatball Pizza that announced their location at LINC in 2020.

The first phase of for sale townhomes, as well as rental townhomes and apartments, at Gray’s Station are more than fifty percent completed and are slated to continue through 2021.

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